TRIPZGURU is a search engine for flights, hotels and holidays.
Compare hundreds of travel sites and save up to 80%.

1. What is tripzguru ?

Tripzguru is a travel search engine. We search other websites in real-time for available flights/hotels, timings and fares. Within a minute we search all the websites you would normally have to search yourself one by one. Tripzguru .We will display the best airfares, hotel rates and travel deals at any destination We aim to be comprehensive. We hope you like it!

2. What it is NOT?

We are not a travel agency. We don't sell you tickets. In fact we don't sell anything at all. The booking always happens on the provider site which can be an airline website, a hotel website or an online travel agency. Since we don't sell anything we don't have a call center either. If you have questions about your booking you need to contact the provider directly..

3. What does tripzguru stand for?

Tripzguru stand for TRIPZ-trips GURU- expert. We chose tripzguru since it is a short and catchy name for a brand that allows travelers to explore all possible travel options out there and go there by planning their perfect trip using our search

4. Why should I register?

If you register you can save your personal preferences which we will use to make your search results even more relevant.You can subscribe to our newsletter which brings you the best travel deals we could find. Best of all - it's free. There is much more to come in the future, so stay tuned!

5. Do I have to pay to use tripzguru?

No extra markup, all modern browsers. Needs a child element to work.


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